April 05, 2006

Veronica Mars "Plan B"

"This face right here? My over-the-moon face."

This was a great episode. It's been a while, but I think I remember what one looks like when I see it. Fun interactions (Weevil instructing Veronica on the shocker... hee! Logan and everyone), plenty of drama (Thumper... damn), and even a little action. Although watching a building explode on a TV inside a TV? Not so much with the excitment.

I cannot believe after I professed my love for Beaver just a couple of weeks ago that he went and broke Mac's heart. If he wasn't so obviously gay and desperate to hide it, I might never forgive him.

Ah, LoVe. Is it okay, since it's just us friends, that I admit that I squealed like a little girl? Logan And Veronica snarking, high fiving, and dancing! Have you ever seen two people slow dance so intensely? It's better than a Harlequin y'all.

And I even liked Jackie! Tessa Thompson has come a long way. She was charming and complicated. And I actually like the friendship between her and Veronica. Though I gotta say, Mac is still my pick for Veronica's second BFF.

And was it just me, or was the Woodman coming on to Logan? Not that Logan isn't used to that kind of thing. Although he and Weevil do seem to be on the outs.

But next week? Yay Alona Tal, don't get me wrong. But does Veronica have to see dead people?

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