March 23, 2006

Veronica Mars "The Quick and the Wed"

"Fine, I'm a barista!"

"Veronica Mars" last night.... Ack! Three minutes of previouslies that I think managed to show everything from the last season and a half.

So we got some advancement on the season arc, we got Wallace back, and Cliff!, we got dueling evils Aaron and Charisma (yay!). But what the hell was she doing in Duncan's bathroom?

And what is Beaver- I mean Cassidy- up to? I can't figure out if he's trying to buy up half of Neptune in preparation for the incorporation, or if he's trying set Kendall up? But Ryan Gallner has grown on me so much. Love him, don't care what evil he's up to. (It's gotta be evil right? It is Neptune after all.)

And speaking of evil (again)... Logan, Logan, Logan. "I think I've done something horrible." Shocker. (And I don't mean that kind.)

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Norma said...

OMG, I love your blog title! I came over from your mom's blog.