April 06, 2006

Please don't sue us.

The following conversation transpired after viewing this photo of Katie Holmes:

Jennifer says: ok, it looks fake again

Kandis says: basketball or alien? it's tough to tell

Kandis says: no way is she gonna be silent when that thing crawls out of her skinny body

Jennifer says: not only that, but it's really high

Jennifer says: why would they fake her being pregnant and then adopt a kid?

Kandis says: to prove he's hetero?

Kandis says: the man is obviously a little crazy, so I'm not sure

Jennifer says: and then I guess she didn't want to ruin her figure with a real baby

Jennifer says: so she has to wear the basketball

Kandis says: although the shots of her in the crotch snapping bodysuit made it seem like that's a real pregnancy. But she looks twice as round this week as she did last week

Kandis says: it's not that she didn't want to ruin her figure with a real baby, my guess is that he wouldn't actually sleep with a WOMAN

Jennifer says: well, but she could have gotten artificially inseminated with his freak seed

Kandis says: true, if that was in her contract

Kandis says: it all makes my head hurt

Jennifer says: it's pretty funny

Jennifer says: I don't get the argument that she already had it, when why would she have had one at all?

Kandis says: yeah, the argument that she already had it doesn't really make any sense. But maybe they're that paranoid?

Jennifer says: my god, it's not anywhere near where the uterus would be

Jennifer says: maybe she was just being rebellious that day?

Jennifer says: "ha! i'm going to make it look RIDICULOUS today, and Tom can't stop me!"

Jennifer says: next time, she's going to strap it on above her butt

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Mom said...

Whatever that is, it is not part of her body. If that were a baby, she wouldn't be walking.