April 19, 2006

Veronica Mars "Nevermind the Buttocks"

The hell?

No. Seriously. I think I'm pretty astute, and I'm more than just a casual fan of this show. I never miss an episode and I always rewind if I missed any dialogue. But... what the hell is going on?

Does Veronica actually think Weevil tried to detonate the bomb in the Sharks bag? How would Weevil have planted the bomb? Why isn't anyone focused on the fact that the Sharks bag that's now been mentioned more than once, must have been given to Dick by Woody? And that Woody told his daughter not to get on the bus, and called her on the way home to ask where she was?

And how does Beaver figure in? Because he definitely does.

And the Fitzpatricks? I still have no idea how they fit into all of this. Working with Kendall is shady, but why the hell would they make a bus crash?

And Kendall? Con artist, identity thief, associate of the Fitzpatricks, and she has a secret house no one knew about, and she planted Duncan's hair for Aaron Echolls. That is one busy girl we don't get to see enough of.

And Aaron's Oscar (Was that for The Breaking Point? Or Beyond the Breaking Point?) burried under the pool with Duncan's hair and Lilly's blood on it? What? No, really. What? Someone planted it to make it look like Duncan killed Lilly and then tried to frame Aaron. Duncan, who if he had killed Lilly, would have done it in the midst of an epileptic seizure, then managed to frame Aaron? Or are we supposed to believe the Kane's did it? And I know Kendall got Duncan's hair from the shower drain, but where the hell did Lilly's blood come from?

Mac has to go to the prom with Butters! Hee!

Note to the powers that be: We need more Logan please. Thank you.

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