March 29, 2004

Not A Bile-Free Post

Since I swear that this is not an "Angel" blog, this will be my last post on the subject for some time. I try to remain mostly spoiler-free when it comes to "Angel". I know from experience, that the show can be so great when everything is a surprise. For most other shows, I'm all over the spoilers, checking IMDb and E!Online, because who really cares if the big Ross-Rachel pairing at the end of "Friends" is out of the bag?. It's become really hard to check out the Slayage links and avoid any spoilery ones. And this is especially true considering that the damned show has been cancelled. So I'm hoping for a really great series finale, right? Full of lots of surprises, unexpected twists and guest stars. But it's really freakin' hard to be spoiler free when you have MSN, IMDb and TV Guide trumpeting their headline: Sarah Michelle Gellar Out of 'Angel' Finale. It wasn't enough for them to ruin last year's "Buffy" finale by spewing all over the net about how Spike was going to be on season five of "Angel" and therefore couldn't exactly die in the final "Buffy: episode? No, I guess that wasn't enough.

It's Better Than Yours

Finally, in non-Angel related news: Feel free to admire my new daisy!

March 22, 2004

I'm Going to Hell

Do you really want to feed the children? C'mon, you can tell me the truth. Seriously. We're all friends here. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you could save Angel instead!

March 15, 2004

Blazing the Oregon Trail

And big congratulations to Shug and Kim, who took Portland up on their offer!

I Love Jordan Catalano Always

One day I will learn my lesson about wearing shirts with words on them. Every time some idiot asks "what does your shirt say?" so that I can read aloud to them, or every time they stare at it and read it aloud for themselves, I swear again, no more wearing shirts with words. And then today, one of the office creeps (yeah, you heard me, not the, but one of the) leaned in so that he can pause three inches from my chest to read the charity slogan across my boobs. And no, the print isn't that small. I might just be cured of t-shirts.

Mom sent me this link today. Teenagers are so much cooler than they used to be.

March 11, 2004

Generic Tivo and Torture Devices

The world seems to be turning slower. There's poor Martha Stewart, there's OJ Simpson stealing cable, there's The Apprentice, and that's it.

I had my bottom braces put on Tuesday. Why didn't anyone tell me how incredibly painful this process is? I haven't had anything good to eat since Monday, and I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself to enjoy the milkshakes I get to have. In addition to the bottom braces, and banding one of my top molars (because I broke the bracket), my orthodontist installed something called 'buttons' on the inside of my top row of teeth. Supposedly the buttons are so they can attach rubber bands later and stretch my jaw into different directions, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that she's a sadistic psycho, and I'm her Frankenstein experiment.

We finally got digital cable and the DVR from Time Warner. The DVR (Time Warner's version of the Tivo) is my new best friend. I have it recording Scrubs all season since the NBC idiots moved it to Tuesday nights, so we never catch it anymore. I'm also recording Significant Others the new show from Bravo, just because the previews looked good. The DVR is so easy to use, and we can watch our shows whenever we want, instead of being unable to leave the house because Angel is on. And no, Time Warner doesn't pay me to say this stuff. Wait until I get the first bill, then we won't be best friends anymore.