April 11, 2006

Veronica Mars "I Am God"

"Dick Casablancas is the bastard child of satan."

Yeah, but damn if he doesn't get all the funniest lines.

Hey, a bus crashed! Did you guys know about that? (And how come that joke doesn't get old?)

Show Killer is back! Why? I have no idea. Guess Veronica needed someone to spill her guts to about her crazy dreams with murder victims talking to her. But it seems like anyone could have filled that role. Especially if they're not bringing Show Killer back so that poor Keith can have a girlfriend.

Aw, Wallace likes Logan! Who could blame him really? Gotta love that kid for trying to knock Veronica's valedictorian rival out of the running. But why did they show us Wallace watching "Tinseltown Diaries" in Logan's hotel room? For a minute I thought Wallace was going to turn the TV off and apologize to Logan, to juxtapose Wallace and Dick to show which would be a better friend for Logan. But then that didn't happen, so I'm confused. So was it just so that Wallace would start sympathizing with Logan and lobbying Veronica on his behalf? My head hurts.

And wow, is Big Dick gonna be a player in the big mystery now? I think I'm still on the "Woodman did it" bandwagon. I just don't know why he might have done it.

Next week... oh, who cares? There's only four episodes left! Holy God, they're gonna drag the story out four more episodes! Then they'll give us a freakin' heart attack in the last 20 minutes of the season. I have money riding on it.

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