January 28, 2004


I want to buy a house. A nice, new house IN the city. I don't want to put down any down payment, and I want 100% financing. Oh, and I also don't want my monthly mortgage payments to be more than $1,000. What's so wrong about that?

In other news: Girl Scout cookie selling season should be longer.

January 26, 2004


You're wondering where my throne is? It's alright to admit it. Unfortunately, I'm a dethroned queen. In high school, when I was president of the drama club, I would insist that everyone call me Queen Kandis. (Okay, yeah, I was an insufferable teenager.) But these days, there aren't any underclassmen to boss around so this is the only realm I rule. It's a temporary exile.

Three Most Interesting Things Seen Today:

A woman wearing a beaded sweater with black nylon (swoosh-swoosh) track pants. Still pondering the place and time that could ever be an okay outfit.

The car vanity plate "NC Soft". If that's his rapper nickname, I find myself un-intimidated.

The bumper sticker "TREEHUGGER" on an SUV.

January 25, 2004

It's 10 o'clock. Do you care where your parents are?

I think of blogging as being like the kids at the end of Pump Up the Volume. Everyone gets a short wave radio and starts their own pirate radio station, so they can all be that anonymous voice rising out of the darkness. "Being weird isn't enough."