June 24, 2005

Speaking of unbalanced...

From E! Online:

Tom Cruise telling Today host Matt Lauer during a Friday interview that Brooke Shields "doesn't understand" the history of psychiatry and that there is no such thing as a "chemical unbalance." The actor also expressed his belief that "vitamins and exercise" can cure most problems.

Would someone please unleash a bipolar homicidal maniac on him already? Crazy Cruise could ply him with some One-a-Days and see how that goes?

June 16, 2005

Pimp My House?

Today when Rob was trying to lower the garage door, it came off it's tracks. And then when he tried to muscle it back on the tracks, the door itself started to break apart. So we paid $150 for a guy to come over, give us an estimate, tell us our door and it's pre-1991 automatic opener are basically dangerous and worthless. At least he secured the door for the night (although several of the panels are hanging askew). Tomorrow we get to pay him a small fortune to replace the entire door and it's assorted tracks and springs and such. We then won't be able to afford a new garage door opener for a while. As it is we really can't even afford to add the optional four windows to the door, but we're doing it anyway. It looks so bland without them.

And don't even getting me started on our fence...

Home ownership sucks.

June 09, 2005

There's a chick in my office who will not stop laughing at her desk. Apparently she never got the memo about how when you're IMing instead of working, you should try to be discreet.


This is the most moving thing I've seen recently. Got a secret? I wish I was this artistic. Or you know, had a secret.
Crazy Cruise must be stopped. Free Katie!

June 08, 2005

Animal Farm

This Barn Swallow has made herself at home on our front porch.

I made Rob stand on the step ladder to find out what she's got in there. Looks like sometime soon, we'll have five other Barn Swallows on our front porch.

And this is Millie. She's a two year old chocolate lab who joined our family last weekend. We got her from one of my coworkers who has two kids and two dogs and didn't feel like she had the time to spend with all of them. Millie is very eager to please and loves people. She follows Rob around all day long.

June 03, 2005

And the birthday countdown begins.

I am now in possession of four center orchestra seats for the John Prine concert at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas on September 24th (one week before my birthday)!

Guess that means we won't be going to ACL Fest since it's the same weekend. ACL Fest would be fun, but the Majestic is air conditioned. Not a tough choice for September in Texas. Only four months away!