July 28, 2006

what Fridays were made for

Ever wanted to bend Dubya in half, whip him around by the foot, bash him in the head, or watch him free fall through space?

Now you can, just by manipulating your mouse.

One of my friends dubbed this link "immensely satisfying".

July 26, 2006

Dear new Curra’s Grill at the Parmer-McNeil Plaza,

Your food is pretty good. Four triangles is a little skimpy for the quesadillas, but your queso is tasty, and your fajitas are generous.

But I gotta tell you… you don’t look good.

I don’t know if it’s because you just opened about a week ago, but you’re kind of bleak. Not one piece of art on the walls, hard plastic chairs and laminate benches, metal tables, metal trim, metal ceiling and giant metal fan. It’s all way too modern and Scandinavian. It makes for a very cold and hard atmosphere, not at all fun and relaxing. And considering that there’s a brand new Chipotle with equally stark d├ęcor opening in the same shopping center- it’s an ill-conceived business decision.

Oh! And your metal patio furniture sitting in the July Texas sun isn’t such a great idea either.

Please consider copying your Burnet Road sister. She’s cozy and colorful, with lots of murals and soft lighting. Everything a Mexican restaurant should be. Trust me, I eat out way too much.


July 24, 2006

Seriously, where is Suri Cruise?

Tired of waiting? Make your own Suri!

July 14, 2006

because Sally complained about my neglected blog

Here are pictures from last night's dinner at Ichiban. We took our friend Brian out for a belated birthday dinner. These photos were taken with his camera phone (which explains the blurriness). But what is my hair doing I ask you?

July 07, 2006

a confession

Since most of my favorite TV shows are on hiatus for the summer, I find myself flipping around with nothing to watch way too often. This week I managed to catch the “Dharma and Greg” pilot on the WE network, and now I’m hooked on “Dharma and Greg”. I DVR it and watch all four episodes that air daily. For a typical sitcom, it’s not bad at all. And I really like that crazy Jenna Elfman. She should get more work.

So in addition to my new “Dharma and Greg” fixation, I also find myself watching movies that I’ve seen too many times before. You know how when you’re just flipping around, there are some movies that seem to be on TV all the time? And there are some movies that I find myself watching every single time they’re on. Even if I’ve seen them a hundred times before. Even if I own them on DVD. Even if they’re actually bad movies.

Some of these are really embarrassing, so if it’s ever brought up, I’m going to deny ever having said that.

And God help me if they run a teen marathon of Bring It On, She's All That, and 10 Things I Hate About You (it's been known to happen). Then I wouldn't leave the house all day.

Which ridiculous movies can you not stop watching every time they come on?