February 24, 2005

get your kumbyayas out

Last Saturday night, Rob and I went to a midnight showing of the Buffy episode "Once More with Feeling", which proceeded a showing of the much less exciting episode, "The Zeppo" at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown. The show was billed as a sing-a-long and all of the songs in the episode were subtitled (as if we didn't all have them memorized?), so sure enough we all sang along, blew bubbles, threw underwear, yelled at the screen, watched a dancing bunny, and held hands and swayed. And yes, it sounds very Rocky Horror-esque. And having spent my fair share of time doing the Time Warp, I can tell you it was different. And it was so great to be in a sold out theater, drinking beer, and singing with 200 people who are possibly more Buffy obsessed than I am. The Alamo plans to hold the event again, but Rob has already put in an obligatory appearance, so... anyone else up for it?

We're hoping to hear how our house appraisal went by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it appraises for the amount of our loan, otherwise, bye-bye awesome house.

February 16, 2005

Where have you gone Rob Lowe?

Remember when "The West Wing" was good? Really good? Remember when it could make you tear up at Sam's shear idealism? Remember when the President cursed God in Latin for taking Mrs. Landingham and nearly made the walls of the Washington National Cathedral come tumbling down? And when Charlie received a Thanksgiving carving knife? Remember when Toby didn't know that babies came with hats? And when Ainsley Hayes could be brought to tears by HMS Pinafore? Remember when the streets of Heaven were crowded with too many angels? Now the show couldn't be any more boring. The writing is flat and lacking in cleverness, and nothing seems to happen anymore. They've all lost that great sense of wonderment and duty and purpose that made the first years so special. It's just so frustrating. Can somebody just wake me up when Josh and Donna finally get it on?

February 15, 2005

ode to a closet...

After some haggling, our offer was accepted. We close on our house March 11! And yes, they made us their bitches. Now we just have to get all the documents together for our lender, pay for a survey and appraisal, and pray that the house appraises for what we're paying for it. Then Rob's parents are coming to visit in the midst of closing and our chaotic packing, so they won't be seeing our apartment at it's best. But they will get to see our four bedroom, eight closet (I'm in love with the closets) house before we pack it with furniture and assorted stuff with dragonflies on it. Yay!

February 10, 2005

back off

The account I'm on at work took 87 inbound phone calls before 5pm yesterday, and 22 of them were taken by me. And then, after a day like that, I go home and zombie out in front of the television. (Lost rocks!) Is it any wonder why I haven't blogged?

Rob and I put in an offer on a four bedroom house in North Austin on Saturday. It has high ceilings and pergo flooring in the living room and EIGHT closets. We want it so bad that we can't stand it, but the seller (it's owned by a family trust based in San Diego. The hell? Yeah, we know.) is in Africa until Saturday. Which gives everyone in town plenty of time to outbid us on our house. It's agonizing to wait and not know. We went to look at the house a second time last night with the realtor and measured rooms. Three bathrooms! New counters! Fireplace! I have no idea how we will handle it if we can't have that house.