April 26, 2006

It's called a "spoiler" for a reason.

And don't even get me started on The WB promo department making sure we know that Lorelai is knocked up before the "Gilmore Girls" season finale. Bastards.

Veronica Mars "Look Who's Stalking"

"There was one girl. She was blonde, petite, smelled like marshmallows and promises.”

Holy hell. There is just too much going on. I think my head is going to explode.

Woody sleeps with women? What? Not buying it. And I can’t believe Keith helped him cover up the OD’ed girl in his bed. Why would he do that? Just because Keith’s a nice guy? Or because he feels like he can’t so 'no' to the mayor?

The Gia stalking subplot was lame. It’s Gia, so pffft, who cares? But it brought back Deputy Leo, so I won’t complain too much. Poor, dreamy, mumbly Deputy Leo who really should know better than to come running when Veronica calls.

Wallace and Jackie are grossing me out. Although now her personality makeover makes sense. Have to sacrifice the most recently redeemed character. Did you see the previews for next week? Lucky’s got a gun!

Alterna-Prom was awesome! Dick and the “hog”? Dick is one leisure suit away from being a swinging 70's caricature, but I still love him. Madison “on the Lamb”! Hee. And Mac looking so completely adorable? (I insist that she be a regular next year!) I’m just sad she didn’t get to go to prom with Beaver. Where the hell is that kid anyway? (Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention it before, but I don't believe Kendall is conning Beaver. I'm pretty sure it's the other way around.)

And poor, sad, drunken Logan. He thinks their love story is epic. How could Veronica walk away from a confession like that? As soon as she knocked on his door the next morning, I knew there would be a woman in there. It’s just his pattern- vulnerability and bad decisions. At least it was only shady (potentially evil) Kendall, so it’s not like he has feelings for her.

Oh! And speaking of Kendall, I almost forgot! Veronica has Chlamydia! Oh my God. I knew Duncan slept with Kendall! I called it. I maintain this is the only way Veronica could have gotten it. And I thought I disliked Duncan before…

Was the bus crash even mentioned last night? There’s only like two episodes left! There’s so much going on. And I’m hanging my head in shame, because I have no idea who did it.

Okay, here’s the thing, I don’t really care about the bus crash. I really just need Veronica and Logan to live happily ever after. Please Rob Thomas, please?

Edited to add: "This? This is my 'I'd rather be spelunking' look. It's like you don't know me at all!" Ha!

April 23, 2006

Confessions of a MySpace Junkie

My official excuse for joining MySpace is that it's a good way to reconnect with old friends from high school. But the truth is, as Princess Melissa already learned for herself, it's really because I'm nosy.

Because MySpace is networking application, it allows you to view everyone's 'friends' lists and create groups for school alumni, clubs, and common interests. You can browse around and see that someone you went to high school with is also friends with one of your current co-workers. Small world. And you can see how a couple of your friends have hardly changed a bit, still basically up to the exact same stuff. And you can see that some unassuming girl from your high school Algebra class ended up married to an old dude. Weird. And then hey, there's that goth chick you used to see around. And she's still goth. Hmmm... I thought people outgrew that.

My step-dad likes to remind me of my goth phase when I wore black eyeliner and dark lipstick and my favorite Hole concert t-shirt (which I'd still be wearing the hell out of if the damned thing still fit). But actually, I was more grunge than goth. I'd love to still be living in oversized flannel shirts and Doc Martens, but fashion has changed so much. With the current trends of pointy heels with expensive jeans, and crocheted shrugs over little satin camisoles, I'm afraid the flannel would look a little too butch by comparison.

But I digress. Something I learned from MySpace: Apparently adults can be goth.

And the bulletins... those ridiculous surveys and memes that everyone fills out and then posts for everyone on their 'friends' lists to read. People are willing to share the most intimate details of their lives just because it's a question on a survey.

So yes, MySpace allows you to be all up in other people's business. Voyeurism is addictive isn't it? And by joining, you may be allowed to satisfy that inappropriate curiosity we tend to have about other people. But that's okay I guess. Because now that you've joined? They get to be all nosy about you too.

April 20, 2006

Blame it on the Voodoo.

"Jesus is not a zombie."

And to think, you silly people still aren't watching "Bones".

April 19, 2006

I have no idea who said this.

When placed in a container, Jell-O conforms to the shape of the vessel. You, however, should never conform. Unless, of course, you think you're Jell-O.

Veronica Mars "Nevermind the Buttocks"

The hell?

No. Seriously. I think I'm pretty astute, and I'm more than just a casual fan of this show. I never miss an episode and I always rewind if I missed any dialogue. But... what the hell is going on?

Does Veronica actually think Weevil tried to detonate the bomb in the Sharks bag? How would Weevil have planted the bomb? Why isn't anyone focused on the fact that the Sharks bag that's now been mentioned more than once, must have been given to Dick by Woody? And that Woody told his daughter not to get on the bus, and called her on the way home to ask where she was?

And how does Beaver figure in? Because he definitely does.

And the Fitzpatricks? I still have no idea how they fit into all of this. Working with Kendall is shady, but why the hell would they make a bus crash?

And Kendall? Con artist, identity thief, associate of the Fitzpatricks, and she has a secret house no one knew about, and she planted Duncan's hair for Aaron Echolls. That is one busy girl we don't get to see enough of.

And Aaron's Oscar (Was that for The Breaking Point? Or Beyond the Breaking Point?) burried under the pool with Duncan's hair and Lilly's blood on it? What? No, really. What? Someone planted it to make it look like Duncan killed Lilly and then tried to frame Aaron. Duncan, who if he had killed Lilly, would have done it in the midst of an epileptic seizure, then managed to frame Aaron? Or are we supposed to believe the Kane's did it? And I know Kendall got Duncan's hair from the shower drain, but where the hell did Lilly's blood come from?

Mac has to go to the prom with Butters! Hee!

Note to the powers that be: We need more Logan please. Thank you.

April 12, 2006

from where I sit

It's a little Renoir-esque because it was taken with my camera phone, but this was taken from my seat at The Oasis. My team at work took out our supervisor for lunch (we treated him, but in exchange, we didn't have to stick to our one hour lunch rule). The food is so-so and the service is slow (lunch on a Wednesday took two hours) but the view is awesome, even on a cloudy day like today.

April 11, 2006

Veronica Mars "I Am God"

"Dick Casablancas is the bastard child of satan."

Yeah, but damn if he doesn't get all the funniest lines.

Hey, a bus crashed! Did you guys know about that? (And how come that joke doesn't get old?)

Show Killer is back! Why? I have no idea. Guess Veronica needed someone to spill her guts to about her crazy dreams with murder victims talking to her. But it seems like anyone could have filled that role. Especially if they're not bringing Show Killer back so that poor Keith can have a girlfriend.

Aw, Wallace likes Logan! Who could blame him really? Gotta love that kid for trying to knock Veronica's valedictorian rival out of the running. But why did they show us Wallace watching "Tinseltown Diaries" in Logan's hotel room? For a minute I thought Wallace was going to turn the TV off and apologize to Logan, to juxtapose Wallace and Dick to show which would be a better friend for Logan. But then that didn't happen, so I'm confused. So was it just so that Wallace would start sympathizing with Logan and lobbying Veronica on his behalf? My head hurts.

And wow, is Big Dick gonna be a player in the big mystery now? I think I'm still on the "Woodman did it" bandwagon. I just don't know why he might have done it.

Next week... oh, who cares? There's only four episodes left! Holy God, they're gonna drag the story out four more episodes! Then they'll give us a freakin' heart attack in the last 20 minutes of the season. I have money riding on it.

April 07, 2006

something new

This is the tattoo I just got!

It's of a flaming chalice, and yes, it hurt.

Me? Insufferable? Never.

Elizabeth at Austinist has named her Favorite Random Blog of the Week as... mine! In your face other random bloggers of Austin!

You may continue to go about your day.

April 06, 2006

Please don't sue us.

The following conversation transpired after viewing this photo of Katie Holmes:

Jennifer says: ok, it looks fake again

Kandis says: basketball or alien? it's tough to tell

Kandis says: no way is she gonna be silent when that thing crawls out of her skinny body

Jennifer says: not only that, but it's really high

Jennifer says: why would they fake her being pregnant and then adopt a kid?

Kandis says: to prove he's hetero?

Kandis says: the man is obviously a little crazy, so I'm not sure

Jennifer says: and then I guess she didn't want to ruin her figure with a real baby

Jennifer says: so she has to wear the basketball

Kandis says: although the shots of her in the crotch snapping bodysuit made it seem like that's a real pregnancy. But she looks twice as round this week as she did last week

Kandis says: it's not that she didn't want to ruin her figure with a real baby, my guess is that he wouldn't actually sleep with a WOMAN

Jennifer says: well, but she could have gotten artificially inseminated with his freak seed

Kandis says: true, if that was in her contract

Kandis says: it all makes my head hurt

Jennifer says: it's pretty funny

Jennifer says: I don't get the argument that she already had it, when why would she have had one at all?

Kandis says: yeah, the argument that she already had it doesn't really make any sense. But maybe they're that paranoid?

Jennifer says: my god, it's not anywhere near where the uterus would be

Jennifer says: maybe she was just being rebellious that day?

Jennifer says: "ha! i'm going to make it look RIDICULOUS today, and Tom can't stop me!"

Jennifer says: next time, she's going to strap it on above her butt

Shocking. Simply shocking.

Bush Authorized Leak to Times, Libby Told Grand Jury


Bush: Hands Possibly as Dirty as Scooter Libby's

April 05, 2006

Veronica Mars "Plan B"

"This face right here? My over-the-moon face."

This was a great episode. It's been a while, but I think I remember what one looks like when I see it. Fun interactions (Weevil instructing Veronica on the shocker... hee! Logan and everyone), plenty of drama (Thumper... damn), and even a little action. Although watching a building explode on a TV inside a TV? Not so much with the excitment.

I cannot believe after I professed my love for Beaver just a couple of weeks ago that he went and broke Mac's heart. If he wasn't so obviously gay and desperate to hide it, I might never forgive him.

Ah, LoVe. Is it okay, since it's just us friends, that I admit that I squealed like a little girl? Logan And Veronica snarking, high fiving, and dancing! Have you ever seen two people slow dance so intensely? It's better than a Harlequin y'all.

And I even liked Jackie! Tessa Thompson has come a long way. She was charming and complicated. And I actually like the friendship between her and Veronica. Though I gotta say, Mac is still my pick for Veronica's second BFF.

And was it just me, or was the Woodman coming on to Logan? Not that Logan isn't used to that kind of thing. Although he and Weevil do seem to be on the outs.

But next week? Yay Alona Tal, don't get me wrong. But does Veronica have to see dead people?

assistance please?

Today I saw a guy wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. Why? No, seriously. Why?