September 17, 2007

Apparently I suck at Emmy betting.

So I had an off year.

The only categories I called correctly were Best Drama, and Best Actress and Supporting Actress in a comedy series. Oh, and Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series.

So four out of 12 isn't very impressive. But can you blame me? Who'd have thought they'd give it to James Spader AGAIN? I'm not a "Sopranos" fan, but even I knew it was Gandolfini's year. And Ricky Gervais and Jeremy Piven? Based on the insane "Deadwood" snubbing, I wast starting to assume the Academy is too cheap to foot the bill for HBO.

September 14, 2007

Need a charity deduction?

If you can, please consider supporting me, and the Allen's Angels team, in the Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention.

I've been thinking about it...

And I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you America.

This is a lot of things. But it's not my idea of "fat".

September 13, 2007

Tired of your sullen 13 year-old? Marry her off!

"At first we were worried that Janine was too young to get married, but then her new husband bought her a house and a car and jewelry and the money we got let us buy a house for ourselves. Getting out of the trailer park at our age was the best thing that ever happened to us, and it’s all thanks to Marry Our Daughter!"—Mr. Jack M.

“Our 15 year old daughter Mary wasn’t very popular and did nothing but mope around the house bringing everybody down, so we decided to marry her off through your site. Now our house is a lot cheerier and we love our new swimming pool and Jaccuzi! We’ve told our youngest that when she turns 15 we’re going to marry her off too!" —Mrs. James P.

And yes, I realize that it's a joke.

September 03, 2007

Before and After

The water damage repairs are finely done. Photos have been posted. Now if only the kitchen had flooded too...