April 23, 2006

Confessions of a MySpace Junkie

My official excuse for joining MySpace is that it's a good way to reconnect with old friends from high school. But the truth is, as Princess Melissa already learned for herself, it's really because I'm nosy.

Because MySpace is networking application, it allows you to view everyone's 'friends' lists and create groups for school alumni, clubs, and common interests. You can browse around and see that someone you went to high school with is also friends with one of your current co-workers. Small world. And you can see how a couple of your friends have hardly changed a bit, still basically up to the exact same stuff. And you can see that some unassuming girl from your high school Algebra class ended up married to an old dude. Weird. And then hey, there's that goth chick you used to see around. And she's still goth. Hmmm... I thought people outgrew that.

My step-dad likes to remind me of my goth phase when I wore black eyeliner and dark lipstick and my favorite Hole concert t-shirt (which I'd still be wearing the hell out of if the damned thing still fit). But actually, I was more grunge than goth. I'd love to still be living in oversized flannel shirts and Doc Martens, but fashion has changed so much. With the current trends of pointy heels with expensive jeans, and crocheted shrugs over little satin camisoles, I'm afraid the flannel would look a little too butch by comparison.

But I digress. Something I learned from MySpace: Apparently adults can be goth.

And the bulletins... those ridiculous surveys and memes that everyone fills out and then posts for everyone on their 'friends' lists to read. People are willing to share the most intimate details of their lives just because it's a question on a survey.

So yes, MySpace allows you to be all up in other people's business. Voyeurism is addictive isn't it? And by joining, you may be allowed to satisfy that inappropriate curiosity we tend to have about other people. But that's okay I guess. Because now that you've joined? They get to be all nosy about you too.

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Brian said...

1) Yes
2) Not anymore
3) Jessica Simpson
4) Many of times.
5) Uh, are you 12?
6) The kitchen
7) Not anymore