June 21, 2012

May Reads: 40 Books for 2012

#11: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr – Childhood friends and outcasts, Jennifer and Cameron, were eachother’s sole confidants, until they were ripped apart. Years later, Cameron comes back, but the Jennifer he knew is gone. She’s reinvented herself as thin and popular Jenna. Now the two have to figure out how they fit into eachother’s lives, or if they do at all. I really liked this story, especially the unexpected ending, but it was heartbreaking and didn’t leave me with any warm and fuzzies.

April Reads: 40 Books for 2012

#10: Sacrifical Magic (Downside Ghosts, book 4) by Stacia Kane – I love this series, but I’ve never seen such a mess of a heroine. A junkie that grew up in foster homes who never learned to trust a single person is attempting to have her first serious adult relationship. It’s heartbreaking to witness, especially because she just can’t seem to keep herself from screwing it up. But she keeps trying, because she’s in love with a man named Terrible, the right-hand man of the neighborhood pimp and drug-dealer. Oh, and there are ghosts.

March Reads: 40 Books for 2012

#8: Charmed Thirds (Jessica Darling, Book 3) by Megan McCafferty – I don’t even know why I continue with this series. Jessica Darling annoys me so much. But I just can’t help needing to know if she makes a recovery of the trainwreck of her life. So far, not so much. Charmed Thirds covers Jessica four years of college. Sadly, her boyfriend Marcus Flutie is absent for most of it, as they are off having very different college experiences. And in typical Marcus fashion, he joins a freaking commune. Jessica does a plethora of stupid, obnoxious, and/or selfish things, and I still hate her. Then, at the end, Marcus reappears and I’m reeled in again.

#9: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen – So I loved Pride and Prejudice, right? LOVED. Then went on to watch the five hour BBC production and loved that too. I remembered liking the Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet version of Sense and Sensibility when it came out, so surely I would like reading it too? No. Many times NO. It took me forever, was so very boring and contained obscene amounts of gossip about how much money people have. So crass. And the Dashwood girls are no Bennett sisters.