February 17, 2006

None of my favorite things involve ice skates.

"Oh my God y'all!" That is the extent of my Britney impression.

"One Tree Hill" was really good last night, and next week they're going to go all Columbine on our asses. Someone is going to die. Can it be Rachel? Please? I'm going to be really upset if this show doesn't survive the move to The C.W. (And no, I'm actually not a 13-year-old.)

I caught up on some of my taped "Oprah" episodes last night. The Valentine's episode with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood was the best. How adorable are they? And the way Garth cries at the drop of a hat? Love him.

The next issue of Maxim features Kristen Bell, the awesome star of "Veronica Mars" in her underwear. Well that's one way to get people watching the show.

And finally, wanna know why I hate the Olympics? Because it means "The Office" isn't on! This week's Entertainment Weekly features Steve Carell on the cover and the cast of "The Office" inside. So hurry out and buy one! Oh, and when you're done, can I borrow it?

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