February 09, 2006

Ain't No Winter Carnival Like a Neptune Winter Carnival

Veronica Mars loves Weevil! Okay, maybe that’s just my opinion. Great episode! It didn’t advance the season’s arc that much, but it did seem to advance several relationships.

But seriously, what is Logan doing wasting that ridiculous amount of charm on some giggly sophomore with no personality and bad hair? Considering that said sophomore is the daughter of the witness who falsely accused Logan of murder (you know, the plastic surgeon in the Fitzpatrick’s back pocket), I’m really just hoping it’s all a setup. It’s not like he’s hard up. Where is Charisma anyway?

"Why is the Beav snuggly with that girl from Ghost World?" Mac and Beaver! Yay! Perfect pairing. I love them like Weevil loves Logan.

And Jackie is human? Who knew that? I had no idea.

Oh, and the final scene with Keith and Terrence Cook. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a grown man crying about baseball.

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