February 21, 2006

To Laser My Eye Open Or To Not

Today I went for a Lasik consultation, and I'm most likely a candidate for the surgery (I have to stay out of my toric contacts for at least three weeks before going in for a final exam to make sure I can have the surgery). And now I have to decide if I actually want to go through with it.

Sure there's the end result of not needing to wear glasses or contacts anymore. But living in my glasses instead of contacts for weeks is extremely bothersome. And after the surgery, I wouldn't be allowed to wear eye makeup for at least two weeks (the horror!). Then there are also the possible risks: developing a post-op infection that would leave me blind, having my vision over-corrected so that I go from being near-sighted to far-sighted, possibly needing more than one procedure to correct my vision, or having my night vision or dry eye condition worsened- for life. There are probably other possible issues that I haven't even worried about yet. Oh, and it's gonna cost about $2700.

In other news... how much do I need this??

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