August 09, 2005

I am an exacting perfectionist.

Below is my free sample horoscope from iVillage. For only $4.95 extra, they could have gone on for multiple paragraphs on these vague themes. I'm curious if everyone gets the same profile no matter what birthdate, birth place, and birth time they enter? Give it a shot and let me know?

Section 1: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation
Harmony and balance are your keynotes. You instinctively understand the need to accommodate other peoples' interests and desires, and you are always fair and willing to meet the other person half way. Tactful, diplomatic, and with considerable social awareness, you do all you can to avoid conflict and discord. You express a spirit of cooperation and compromise and often achieve through charm and discretion what would have been impossible to achieve by a direct, forceful approach.

Section 2: Mental Interests and Abilities
You are an exacting perfectionist with a clear, logical, analytical mind and an aptitude for work that requires meticulous attention to detail and efficient organization. Well-grounded and pragmatic, you tend to develop specialized skills and technical expertise in some practical field. Knowledge, ideas, and theories don't really interest you unless they are useful in a tangible way. You are inclined to analyze, measure, and dissect everything and to miss nuances, subtle shades of feeling and meaning. Your strengths are in your precise thinking, careful craftsmanship, and mastery of technical skills. You tend to be very good at what you do and critical of others' work if it does not meet your high standards.


Julia said...

Wow, it's like they looked into your soul and understood you at a molecular level! What a crock of shit - who buys this stuff?

Anonymous said...

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