August 05, 2005

Agent 28 at your service.

My current job is the longest I've ever worked in one place, not counting summer camp. I've worked at this company since we were less than a hundred people on one floor of our office building. We now have nearly 230 people, and occupy two floors of our building. The entire time I've had a name plaque on my cube wall, with a little plaque under it that now says 'Two Years of Service' (it'll be three years next month). And today, the new upstairs secretary came around and taped numbers to all of our cubes. After three years of service, I'm now "28". Awesome. I always wanted to be just a number.


Anonymous said...

probably it is your longest job because others hate you and this one you probably bribed your way into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Kandis said...

Oh cute. It's the return of the thieving kid.

jennyfivetina said...

OH MY GOODDDDDD!!!!!!! you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO right omg omg OMFG!!!!

she's TOTALLY hated by everyone!!

but you don't make your Mom cry AT ALL.

Jennifer said...

jennyfivetina apologizes profusely as really IS a site and it isn't hers.