March 13, 2006

Big Love

We watched the premiere of "Big Love" last night. It comes across as a lot tamer than you would expect from a show about a dude with three wives. It was a relief that the story doesn't take place in one of those creepy Mormon communities where old men get to marry 12-year-olds. I think it takes place in that other creepy Mormon community, Salt Lake City. (Think marginally less polygamy.)

Bill Paxton plays polygamist and home improvement store owner Bill Henrickson. Jeanne Tripplehorn plays his first wife Barb. I'm usually very "meh" about Jeanne Tripplehorn, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they explore her character. The always skanky Chloe Sevigny plays compulsive shopper and second wife Nicki. And the currently awesome (because she was in Walk the Line) Ginnifer Goodwin plays overwhelmed third wife Margene.

However, I have to tell you, the best part of the show: Lilly and Mac from "Veronica Mars"! How excited am I?

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