January 26, 2009

Book #11: Be Still My Vampire Heart

Thank God this book was available in Kindle edition, because Be Still My Vampire Heart is not the kind of thing I'd like to be seen reading in public. If just for the corny title alone. Kerrelyn Sparks third novel in the Love at Stake series focuses on Emma Watson and Angus McKay, both introduced earlier in the series.

Emma is yet another member of the CIA "Stake Out" team we've heard about before. Her parents were murdered by vampires in Moscow and now she considers it her personal mission to eradicate the vampires. She's a world traveling vampire slayer. (Though they leave out all references to Buffy, which I found to be somewhat antithetical to this very modern series.)

Angus McKay is a 500 year-old Highland warrior who now owns his own security firm. He wears kilts and carries a giant broadsword but is apparently also perfectly comfortable with the internet and synthetic blood. He sees Emma as a warrior just like him. But of course he has to work pretty hard to get past her natural vampire prejudices.

I didn't find this book to be quite as much fluffy fun as the first two in the series (How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, and Vamps in the City). Sometimes reading a series can get stale if each novel feels like a repeat of previous stories with just the characters names changed. Luckily this one somewhat redeemed itself with a little twist at the end.

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