November 21, 2005

You look like you're goin' to a funeral.

We saw Walk the Line over the weekend, which is an insanely good movie. And there's one point in the movie where a young Johnny Cash is offerred prescription drugs by one of the members of his tour who endorses them by saying "Elvis uses them all the time". Fuckin' Elvis. And the audience titters, because of course we all know where this is headed. Not only were prescription drugs Elvis' downfall, he also apparently started Johnny Cash on the same downward spiral. It just got me thinking, who knows how many people Elvis lured to the dark side with his uppers and downers? Fuckin' Elvis. It's all his fault.

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Rob said...

Elvis got me started on prescription painkillers, too. It was back in '66, when I was at one of his house parties. Thank God I saw the light in '75, and got myself back on track. I'm clean now for thirty years.