November 11, 2005

Blog at your own risk.

Last week I found out one of my fellow coworkers has a blog. The link was being passed around the support floor (not like wildfire, the gossip contained in the blog just wasn't that good) and it was said that she named names. So I checked out the blog, and she did name a few coworkers, including her opinions of them, and she did mention the name of the company. All of this probably wouldn't have elicited much comment, except the person with the blog has some enemies. So within a couple of days, there were rumors that the company might actually start enforcing their policies regarding blogs, and paranoia soon followed. I'm not completely ignorant of the fact that one should be careful what they blog about. So I try not to name the company or disparage them or my coworkers by name. I really enjoy getting a paycheck. I checked out my company's policy on blogging, and as far as I can tell it is basically: Don't blog at work. That doesn't sound too unreasonable. But still, in the last week, three coworkers have deleted their blogs, including the original one that started all the paranoia.

In the midst of all the rumors, I did a little reading up on some of the infamous bloggers who have been fired for their blogs, you know the ones: Washingtonienne, Queen of the Sky, and Dooce (as in dooced). I wasn't really worried about personally getting fired. Work rumors don't usually amount to anything, and I honestly don't think my blog is breaking any rules. Especially since I don't have any of the anger issues that would result from having a boss who orders Prada online at work.

As a result of my research, I've been reading the Dooce archives. She did a very thorough job of documenting her pregnancy, labor, and subsequent breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. However, as a result of her horrifying experiences, mine and Rob's parents can totally forget about grandchildren.


Mom(hopeful Grandma) said...

First of all, not all pregnancies and babies and post partems are like Heather's. Really. Check out the Sarcastic Journalist blog - she got dooced too.

Blogless Anna said...

Mom(hopeful Grandma) is right on the money. I think for every Dooce-type pregnancy/baby, there are 5 moms who end up just fine. Love Dooce's site myself, but I think she's quite prone to exaggeration, especially when she thinks it'll add to the story.

Queen Kandis said...

Coworker = dooced.