November 11, 2005

I do not understand people who talk on their cell phones while in a public bathroom- on the toilet. This is a sure sign that people are now slaves to the telephone.


Anonymous said...

I'll be in the bathroom at my office and someone will be sitting on the toilet talking amongst the sounds of bodily functions. Ewwwwww. I don't get how people can do that.

Queen Kandis said...

Today I actually felt guilty when I had to flush the toilet, because I knew the person in the next stall wouldn't be able to hear her conversation over the noise of rushing water. And then I realized that I had every right to flush, and she's a freak with no sense of what constitutes an inappropriate place to answer your phone.

Anonymous said...

I find the whole bathroom , cell thing disturbing. Of course being a guy I don't belive I have ever heard anyone in the bathroom on a phone. How does one explain to the person they are speaking with whats going on... I mean excuse me Jane I need to switch hands and flush... there is room for quite a lot of giggles in this topic.