November 22, 2005

Austin can be ugly alright.

Our local NBC affiliate did a news story last night called "Austin's Ugly Underbelly" (watch the video just to see the apartment manager who's drunk or high or both). It was basically about one apartment complex in South Austin that's a haven for crack dealers and prostitutes. (And if there were any people in town who didn't know where to get either of those products, they do now.) At one point the reporter says:

It's the crack capital of Austin, a hotspot for whores and a haven for heroin use.

Am I the only one offended by the use of the word "whore" in a nightly newscast? It just sounds so judgemental. And that doesn't seem fair coming from the guy who got way too excited about finding condoms and crack balloons behind an apartment complex.


Rob said...

Give the guy a break, can't you see he was going for alliteration? "A hotspot for prostitutes" just doesn't work.

What ever happened to good old-fashioned poetic license?

I happen to think it's beautifully said :-P

Queen Kandis said...


j-cam said...

I think it was the "stained towel on the AC unit" that I found gratuitous.