October 27, 2005

It's Veronica's world, we just live in it.

How smart is UPN to run a new "Veronica Mars" episode while ABC ran a "Lost" rerun? And yeah, I know that the "Lost rerun" still stomped all over "Veronica Mars" ratings. Awesome episode! Lamb is evil! Duncan was likable! Keith and Alicia are fighting! Jackie was, well, kind of a bitch like we already knew. And Wallace... poor Wallace. Finally calling Veronica on her shit! But by God, that leaving town thing better just be a pre-sweeps cliffhanger. Rob Thomas, you are not allowed to take Wallace away. You can have Weevil instead.


Anonymous said...

I hear Wanda is headed over for the wedding.


Queen Kandis said...

Sally's wedding? The one that took place in September?

Nicole-the-Great said...

Hello... that was so 6 weeks ago - Keep up Rev! Ally, I hear that happens when you reach your sixties.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Folks,

I never get around to opening old e mails from little known camp people- so my news is somewhat outdated. Well I'm glad you are now married Nicole- I was fearing you would end up a spinster what are you 30 now or something.