February 11, 2004

Commando is not an option.

The black and white ones don't taste the same as the colored ones. Racially unifying subtext is passé. Why won't they just leave the M&M's alone?

In other PMS related news: What sadistic misogynist is responsible for the four clasp bra? After enormous amounts of research and testing, some genius came up with the theory that three clasps were just not doing the job? Apparently women of a certain bra size were just popping right out of their beige, full coverage, industrial strength bra? Or is it a conspiracy? The brassiere engineers got together and decided it just wasn't necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing, lacy, D cup bra for women to wear under their muumuus. Or the idea of a sleepy, cranky, chubby woman trying to fasten FOUR clasps behind her back first thing in the morning, was just too amusing to pass up.

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