September 02, 2008

Fall TV Premieres

It’s that time of year... So in case you call within the next month or two and want to know why I don’t answer the phone this is what I’m watching:

Sept 1 – "Gossip Girl" Love it! Soapy, trashy fun! Leighton Meester is brilliant. “Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.” XOXO

Sept 1 – "One Tree Hill" More soapy, trashy fun. I’m addicted to this silly mess. I just can’t help myself. I am a 13 year-old at heart.

Sept 2 – "90210" I’m still on the fence. I watched the original, but never loved it. And I’m bummed Tori Spelling won’t be joining the cast.

Sept 3 – "Bones" This show is improving all the time, and it’s the only way to satisfy my embarrassing Boreanaz adoration.

Sept 7 – "True Blood" Vampires! HBO! Anna Paquin! What more do you need to know?

Sept 9 – "Fringe" Newest series from “Alias” and “Lost” creator JJ Abrams, so I’m all over it. Bonus? Pacey!

Sept 22 – "Heroes" Season 2 bit it, but part of that could be blamed on the writer’s strike. I have higher hopes for season 3.

Sep 25 – "My Name is Earl" They really lost me last season when Earl was in a coma. It just went on FOREVER, but I simply can’t wait to hear what awful thing they make Jaime Pressly say next.

Sept 25 – "The Office" Jan is pregnant! Jim almost proposed! Andy did propose! Angela made out with Dwight! Dude, this is better than "One Tree Hill".

Sept 29 – "Chuck" Another show that gets better all the time, plus Bruce Boxleitner has been cast as Captain Awesome’s dad! Oh, and Adam Baldwin = yum. It doesn’t get much better.

Oct 1 – "Pushing Daisies" There’s been a lot of talk about the network forcing the show to be less quirky, which would be a real blow. Since the damn show is supposed to be quirky. (12, count them, 12 Emmy nominations.) This is what I’ll be watching on my birthday.

Oct 6 – "Samantha Who" This show doesn’t get me that excited, but it’s mostly reliably funny.

Oct 9 – "Kath & Kim" The early reviews for this one are BAD, but Molly Shannon and Selma Blair sounds so promising.

Oct 30 – "30 Rock" Flerg.

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