October 04, 2006

Veronica Mars "Welcome Wagon"

"I ignored all of the spoiler alerts, which I know is kinda douche-baggy."

So glad I'm not a douche bag.

Well they still managed to fit a lot into the show, considering it was supposed to be a primer for new viewers. I don't think it was too slow. The mystery of the week was fairly typical, while still setting us up nicely for the first big mystery arc. And hey! I hope Keith doesn't get killed by exposure or wild animals. But couldn't they have left the theme song alone?

Poor Mac. Poor Dick. Poor Kendall! She went to jail for Cormac Fitzpatrick and that's how he repays her? Damn.

What was in the briefcase? We've been waiting all summer to know! Cash. Really? Wow. Kinda boring.

There wasn't nearly enough Logan. But I was left with the feeling that it must have been a really long summer for Veronica if Logan has been that broody all this time.

Mac's new roommate Parker? I don't hate her, but she's way too much like Buffy's first college roommate. The one who turned out to be a demon.

I don't hate Piz yet either, but I really do hate his hair.

And bring back the LeBaron!


sally said...

the briefcase contents was a big mystery? i just assumed it was oodles of cash - what else would make mr mars miss a plane with v. tug tug on the heart strings for dick - what do you think he did? just when you start to loathe him again you remember dead bro and fugitive father... but i too think they should have left the theme song like it was - what up with that new version? can you do something about it please ally? thanks.


Queen Kandis said...

Of course the contents of the briefcase was a secret. They never showed it to us, and when Kendall opened it, it glowed like the briefcase of souls in Pulp Fiction. When asked in interviews, Enrico Colantoni said it contained cookies. Cash just seems so... crass.
I think the new version of the theme is supposed to go with the new credits and be all noir-y. But it doesn't have the same energy. Blah.

eliz. s. said...

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Kandis' Husband said...

Nice job, my deaf wife! You rock!