October 17, 2006

representing all of the food groups

From the State Fair of Texas brochure:

Deep Fried Cosmopolitan -- A fried pastry filled with cheesecake and topped with a sweet and tangy cranberry glaze and a lime wedge. Served on a stick.

Donkey Tails -- Large all-beef franks, slit on one side and generously stuffed with sharp Cheddar cheese, wrapped in a large flour tortilla and fried until golden brown. Served with mustard chili sauce or Ruth's salsa.

Fernie's Fried Choco-rito -- A flour tortilla stuffed with marshmallows, coconut, candy bar pieces, caramel morsels and cinnamon then dipped in pancake batter and deep-fried to a crispy, crunchy outside and sweet, gooey inside. Drizzled with honey and topped with whipped cream.

Fernie's Fried Mac-n-cheese -- Texas-sized bites of macaroni and cheese, covered with a layer of garlic- and herb-flavored bread crumbs and deep fried until crispy outside and hot and cheesy inside. Served on a stick with a side of dipping sauces.

Fried Praline Perfection -- Plump coconut and pecan pralines, battered and fried to a rich golden crust. Served warm with powdered sugar.

Fried Coke -- Smooth spheres of Coca-Cola-flavored batter that are deep fried, drizzled with pure Coke fountain syrup, topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry. Served in souvenir contoured glasses.

So what are you eating this weekend?

More questionable State Fair food items can be found here.


Mom said...

Um, just a hot dog for me, thanks.

pam said...

LOL! Too bad you couldn't get anything deep-fried there! *sarcasim* =)

sally said...

do you think that people ever thought that corn dogs - hot dogs dipped in batter and fried on a stick - was a strange idea?

Queen Kandis said...

They must have! Because I just read that corn dogs were invented at the State Fair of Texas (although the State Fair of Minnesota disagrees). So back in 1942, corn dogs were the fried coke of it's day.

The Husband of Kandis said...

Long live giant turkey legs!