September 26, 2006

so close to calling in ugly

My doctor has recommended removing products with salicylic acid from my skin care regimen. So I gave up my great Clean & Clear astringent for Dickinson's witch hazel which smells really bad and doesn’t seem to do a thing for me. And I gave up my awesome life-saving Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer for a non-complexion clearing version. And guess what? My skin looks like hell. I am approaching my very first 29th birthday, and I have the skin of a hormone raging teenager.

So does anyone have any recommendations for products that keep your skin clear, but don’t contain harsh ingredients like salicylic acid?



e said...

You might look at Kiss My Face products like this one I use, or St. Ives Apricot Scrub (there are many to choose from and not all of them contain salicylic acid). Check out Aveda too. I've tried cutting down on products that use salicylic acid, but my skin is just SO oily. I hate being in my late 20s and still getting breakouts. But hey! Oily skin keeps you from wrinkling quickly. That's a good benefit, I guess.

Queen Kandis said...

I actually do use a St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but only once weekly. If I eliminate the salicylic acid products, I could probably use the apricot scrub more frequently. And I'll definitely look into the Kiss My Face products. I haven't really tapped the Whole Foods selection yet.


Sally said...

air brush or paper bag it

Christine said...

I adore the Origins products. I have really dry skin though, so all of my products are for moisture - so they don't have salicylic acid in them anyways. I believe you can see exactly what their other lines have in them on their website.

I did discover a few years ago that when I thought my skin was oily, it wasn't really - I was just stripping it so dry it was over compensating. It also changed during my pregnancy - so maybe you will need less?

Happy first 29th birthday! (A bit late. Sorry.)