September 28, 2006

alien photo

This is a picture of our baby at nine weeks. Wait. Did I tell you we’re having a baby? Oh. Well in case I forgot to mention it… we’re having a baby in April! So Rob helpfully put a red box around the baby in the picture, since there was some disagreement about its exact location. I won’t tell you which one of us was wrong and which one was right.
We should have another picture at the end of November. Hopefully by then, the baby will look less like an alien peanut and more like a regular alien.


pam said...

Congrats!! As I just commented on your cupcake courier post, I found your blog via "freakgirl".

Sally said...

You know the whole baby having thing is rather sci-fi-esque don't ya think? I mean you're incubating a small life inside you for the next 6 months. You have a living creature inside of you. Feeding off of you. You are growing either a penis or a vigina inside you. Weird. And that small life even looks like an alien b/tw the whole peanut stage and the birth canal trip.

You should start an on-line poll that includes birth date, weight, and length. Oh, and maybe even labor. Good luck Ally. I'm glad you're going first:-)

It's gonna be a girl by the way.


Rob said...

No, it's going to be a dude. End of story.

sally said...

um yeah, ok. go dudes. that's it then. ;-)