September 19, 2006

A Buffy List

In honor of my friend Brian making his very first journey through the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" DVDs, I'm listing my favorite top 13 episodes. I actually tried really hard to whittle this down to a top ten. I simply couldn't do it.

"Once More With Feeling"
"Something Blue"
"Graduation Part 1
/Graduation Part 2"

"The Gift"
"The Prom"
"Fool for Love"
"The Body"
"Prophecy Girl"


sally said...


Queen Kandis said...

Oh what? Like you don't have favorite Buffy episodes too? Whatev.

sally said...

i can't even think of one buffy episode, let alone have a favorite... now x-files? how could a person choose just 13 favorites of that one?

Brian said...

I loved Passion, because Dru was in it... Something Blue was awesome as well... and I was glad the Mayor got it in Graduation.

Although, last night, we watched The I in Team, and I was so glad to see that BITCH of a "Professor" take it in the heart, right after Buffy kicks ass like always and gloats into the ComCAM to Walsh and her hunka-hunka man Riley (although Graham is WAY cuter!).

Queen Kandis said...

Who cares if Graham is cute? He's cardboard.
Brian obviously has a very intellectual appreciation for Buffy.