May 03, 2006

Veronica Mars "Happy Go Lucky"

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say. That was the most tense hour of television since… I don’t know. Last year’s season finale?

There was a freaking school shooting before the opening credits!

And Aaron Echolls is not guilty?!

Okay, kudos to Steve Guttenberg for really bringing the creepy this episode. I was actually very scared for Veronica when he caught her on the computer in his house.

Mac just gets more adorable with every episode. And I love that she’s got her sassy red streaks back. She and Beaver were so great tutoring Weevil in Algebra. He got a ‘B’! Can they tutor me next? Next week’s previews show Mac crying and looking scared and I’m really worried that either she or the Beaver will not be making it out of the season finale alive. And considering that “Big Love” got picked up for another season, it wouldn’t be surprising if this show loses one or the both of them. But please keep Mac? Veronica needs a girl friend for college!

So Veronica blew off her last final? I guess that means she’ll automatically lose the Kane scholarship, right? It seems like she could have rescheduled the final if she bothered telling her teacher that she had to attend the court verdict reading for the man who tried to kill her. If she doesn’t lose the Kane scholarship, then I really hope they show her making the decision to go to Hearst College instead of Stanford, rather than just hearing about it in a voiceover in the season premiere.

Next week’s episode looks completely insane. We still need to find out about the bus crash, confirmation that Woody is a freaking pedophile, and proper comeuppance for him and scary Aaron. Looks like Duncan will be back? And we need to know what’s up with Beaver buying up half of Neptune, whatever weird shit is going on with the Mannings, Kendall and her many cons, and Veronica needs to end up with Logan. Oh, and somewhere in all that, there's graduation. That is one tall order for a season finale.

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