January 17, 2006

drunks in evening attire

The Golden Globes were actually really entertaining last night. The best part of the show is when they go to commercial break and for just a second you get to see people get up from their tables to schmooze and you can see all sorts of bizarre connections and wonder how does Pierce Brosnan know Melanie Griffith and what do they have to talk about?

Highlights: Isaac Mizrahi feeling up Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet. Ryan Phillippe drunkenly yelling at Joaquin Phoenix as he's accepting his award "You owe me $220!" Reese Witherspoon telling the press backstage that Ryan and Shirley MacLaine are now best friends, because Shirley knows everything about everyone. Which means Ryan Phillippe will soon be blackmailing half of Hollywood. Harrison Ford bringing his drink onstage and then handing it to Virginia Madsen so he could open the envelope. And I love that Felicity Huffman seemed totally thrilled to be beaten out by Mary-Louise Parker (who dedicated her award to John Spencer) for best actress in a comedy show. And Larry McMurty thanking his typewriter? The man wrote the great American novel, so he can be as eccentric as he likes.

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