April 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Vanities

A couple of weeks ago (before I came down with THE SINUS INFECTION FROM HELL), I made a solo trip to Ikea (which I have never done) to procure a new vanity. I loaded it in the car, carried it into the house, and assembled it all by myself. This may sound like a very small achievement, but that bitch was heavy. The vanity I had before was cute, but in a very dainty, girly way. And although I am girly, I'm not the least bit dainty. And as you can see by the plastic sets of drawers to the right, the vanity cannot contain the mass quanitites of crap I have. Seriously - my scarf, headband, and sunglass collections are something to behold. (Apologies for the cell phone photos. I've been too busy to upload from my camera.)

The Malm dressing table from Ikea (not currently listed on the website) is larger, sleeker, and fits in with the modern (and also birch colored) furniture in our bedroom. The drawer was a bear to assemble and I'm not positive I got it in right, but it holds about three times what the previous vanity could. As you can see, I still have too much stuff and have the storage cube underneath (from Target's Itso line). But overall I think the effect is more attractive and more streamlined.

Don't you just love Spring cleaning?


Schovillova said...

I'm definitely impressed - and jealous. Who knew you were so handy?

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