December 10, 2008

Stop Oprah, just stop.

I'm really tired of hearing about how Oprah weighs [gasp] 200 pounds and is so embarassed to have "fallen off the wagon".

Oprah could be an amazing voice for the Fat Acceptance movement as well as helping to push back at our current idiotic and unrealistic body ideals. Yet she chooses to whine about the horror of looking fat next to Cher. Can you imagine letting something like that bother you when you're as freaking successful as Oprah?

I think she looks fabulous. It's a shame she doesn't think so too.

Edited to add: Oddly enough, I hadn't read Shapely Prose when I posted this, but as usual, Kate Harding says it better.
"I just wish, for your sake as well as for the millions of women who look up to you, you could find a way to reframe your struggles with your weight, to practice and promote Health at Every Size, to believe that you are a beautiful woman — you so are! — who does not need to keep apologizing for what she eats or what dress size she wears. I wish you would choose to be the role model you’re perfectly suited to be, instead of trying to be one you’re not"

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