January 16, 2008

"We're Texas Rangers! Our jurisdiction is wherever we happen to be!"

I haven't really been watching "Comanche Moon". I've read Lonesome Dove probably 50 times, and have seen the movie nearly that many times. But I still haven't gotten around to reading the prequels Dead Man's Walk and Comanche Moon. I briefly attempted the sequel, Streets of Laredo, but it was dismal.

So anyway, I stopped to watch for a few minutes tonight and got drawn in for a while. The reviews I read weren't very good, and I mostly agree. The actors just aren't the same caliber as the original. I was a little bit put off by the casting of Steve Zahn as Gus McCrae (you know, one of the most beloved characters in American literature?). Zahn always comes off as so goofy in his films. Though I know Gus is supposed to be somewhat of a joker, it just didn't seem like the right choice. But I've actually been surprised at how captivating he is. That is one masterful Duvall impression. Now I might have to watch the whole damn thing... Except then I'd have to put up with Kilmer. And that's asking a bit much.

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