February 23, 2007

Yes, I’m still alive.

Know how I know? The lower back pain, heel spur, waddling, the huge belly that feels like I’m carrying a bowling ball, ridiculously fast growing fingernails, congestion, exhaustion, sleeplessness, leg cramps, and other assorted aches and pains. Oh, and the fact that I had to get up to pee six times last night. Seven weeks to go, and this kid better be on time.

In other news, my mom finished a new sweater and diaper bag just for me.

I have a new online wishlist at Kaboodle. Because the two baby registries (Target and Babies R Us) and the three page Amazon wishlist really wasn't sufficient enough to document the sheer amount of stuff I covet on the web.

Rob and I are checking out Super Suppers this weekend. Anyone else try that? We thought it would be a good supplement to our Greenling produce deliveries. And plus, we’re really tired of all the stuff we know how to cook. So, short of hiring a personal chef, this is kind of our only hope.

Sunday is the Oscars! I’ll be working on my Oscar picks to post before then. Last year I correctly predicted 9 out of 11 categories. I don’t anticipate doing as well this year. None of the nominated films have buzz that reaches Brokeback proportions.

And Lamb! Poor, poor Sheriff Lamb. Michael Muhney said he was heartbroken about the decision to kill Sheriff Lamb off "Veronica Mars", but he was still glad that the plot point remained under wraps until it aired. Love him. And I'm really disappointed that we'll probably never really learn about Lamb's motivations. Like the time Duncan and Veronica broke into the Manning's house and exposed the child abuse going on in the house. Lamb relased them without a word. It was one of the most complicated and haunting moments of last season. And now we'll never know what it meant. Show your Lamb/Michael Muhney love by checking him out in whatever pilot is lucky enough to get him.

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