December 09, 2005

I blame Elvis. Again.

As if I don't have enough embarrassing obsessions and hobbies, I have another confession to make. I'm 28 years-old and I watch "One Tree Hill". I just can't seem to stop myself. You all can keep your "O.C." and your "Laguna Beach", and give me a plain old high school drama set in North Carolina any day. I adore the trashiness, and over the top love triangles and melodrama, and the hallmark of modern teen dramas- a serious lack of visible parents. And what parents there are? Totally crazy and about as emotionally mature as your average sophomore. And this week, "One Tree Hill" did the impossible. They made me like Tyler Hilton, or at least his pop singer wannabe character. And I really couldn't stand him! The smarmy tool with idiotic hair and no discernable motivation for his actions. But then he sold his beloved guitar to help someone he'd wronged, and now I actually like the dumbass. Fuckin' Elvis.

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