December 21, 2005

Did anybody win in Vegas?

So wow, good thing I didn't place any bets on my "Nip/Tuck" Carver guess. Nobody could have predicted a Quentin/Kit team! And then to play wacky music while those two head off to carve their way around Europe? Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my..what a great episode! By the way..what's going to be wrong with Julia's baby?

Queen Kandis said...

I can't even think what could be wrong with Julia's baby. With such a seedy, glossy, soap opera, I can't imagine them incorporating something as real as someone having raising a baby with a birth defect. And wow, with the Carver reveal, no one is even talking about how Matt was an accessory to murder, or at the very least, accessory to someone getting their penis shot off.