September 30, 2005

Last shopping day until my birthday. "Serenity" now!

Happy Serenity release date! Birthday week is awesome! I won't be going to see the movie tonight because I need more time to convince Rob that even though he never watched "Firefly", and he doesn't acknowledge that Joss Whedon is God (a title Joss shares with Rob Thomas), that he wants to see Serenity. I'm working on it.


strunny said...

you left a comment yesterday on my blog, telling me to see serenity on my bday weekend - i just want you to know, i did! but the crazy thing is, i had just put up that blog and the same minute i put it up, you left that comment. as i was waiting for the blog i'd done via email to show up, i was checking movies and times. i hadn't yet decided and couldnt' really find one so i was just about to turn off the computer, when my blog appeared on the last 'refresh' i did, with a comment - from you!! crazy, huh? anyway, i liked it! hope you have a great day!! -sarah

Kim said...
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