September 27, 2005

And birthday week continues...

Happy A Breath of Snow and Ashes release date! The long awaited Diana Gabaldon novel is here! It's been four long years since The Fiery Cross, the last book in this series came out.

This sixth novel in the 15-year-old Outlander saga begins:

The year is 1772, and on the eve of the American Revolution, the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Men lie dead in the streets of Boston, and in the backwoods of North Carolina, isolated cabins burn in the forest.

Now that's some fun escape reading! My copy is currently in transit from Amazon and should arrive any day. And no, you can't borrow it until I'm done.


Scully said...

I am shaking with anticipation. It's 980 pages long. It's like everything you've ever wanted wrapped up in shiny silver paper.

VEronice Mars, Jamie and Claire and Serenity. Now if Chris Carter would get off his butt and do another X-Files movie, I might actually think life is good.

Cool blog. Thanks for commenting on mine!

Christine said...

Eeeeeee!!! I can't wait to get my hands on that book. I just started reading the Outlander series last year, and when I finished The Fiery Cross this spring, the suspense was almost too much - I'm glad I didn't have to wait 4 years!

Such a great birthday gift for us! :D