July 14, 2005

Stodgy Idiots - TV Edition

Dear crack smoking Emmy members-

What is your damage?

15 nominations for "Desperate Housewives" but only 11 for "Deadwood"?

Three "Housewives" nominated for best actress but no women from "Deadwood"?

And "Medium" isn't bad at all, but Patricia Arquette? For best dramatic actress? Really? She's no Calamity Jane.

And The "The West Wing"? C'mon! That show hasn't been good since Sam and Sorkin left. Sure it has the best cast this side of 1877, but the writers are killing them.

"Everybody Loves Raymond"? Why must you beat dead horses with gold statues?

And to top it off, you completely snub "Gilmore girls", "Nip/Tuck", and "Veronica Mars", three of the best shows on television.

I think I hate you.




Faux Prada Girl said...

Never seen Deadwood but I will say that the fact that Veronica Mars and Nip/Tuck were snubbed is a crime.

Queen Kandis said...

"Deadwood" is insanely great. Warning: You will be cursing like a sailor (or like an Old West whorehouse owner) after viewing.

AntonicusNYC said...

I agree. Though I love Desperate Housewives, it purely shock value entertainment. If thats what the Emmy's are for these days so be it. I may not watch them anymore.

timbee333 said...

i know gilmre girls is my fave show!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love Everybody Loves Raymond.