February 24, 2005

get your kumbyayas out

Last Saturday night, Rob and I went to a midnight showing of the Buffy episode "Once More with Feeling", which proceeded a showing of the much less exciting episode, "The Zeppo" at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown. The show was billed as a sing-a-long and all of the songs in the episode were subtitled (as if we didn't all have them memorized?), so sure enough we all sang along, blew bubbles, threw underwear, yelled at the screen, watched a dancing bunny, and held hands and swayed. And yes, it sounds very Rocky Horror-esque. And having spent my fair share of time doing the Time Warp, I can tell you it was different. And it was so great to be in a sold out theater, drinking beer, and singing with 200 people who are possibly more Buffy obsessed than I am. The Alamo plans to hold the event again, but Rob has already put in an obligatory appearance, so... anyone else up for it?

We're hoping to hear how our house appraisal went by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it appraises for the amount of our loan, otherwise, bye-bye awesome house.

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