February 10, 2005

back off

The account I'm on at work took 87 inbound phone calls before 5pm yesterday, and 22 of them were taken by me. And then, after a day like that, I go home and zombie out in front of the television. (Lost rocks!) Is it any wonder why I haven't blogged?

Rob and I put in an offer on a four bedroom house in North Austin on Saturday. It has high ceilings and pergo flooring in the living room and EIGHT closets. We want it so bad that we can't stand it, but the seller (it's owned by a family trust based in San Diego. The hell? Yeah, we know.) is in Africa until Saturday. Which gives everyone in town plenty of time to outbid us on our house. It's agonizing to wait and not know. We went to look at the house a second time last night with the realtor and measured rooms. Three bathrooms! New counters! Fireplace! I have no idea how we will handle it if we can't have that house.

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