August 11, 2004


Rob’s 29th birthday party was last Saturday night. Any of you losers who didn’t show up missed out on lots and lots of beer. We had a pony keg, which contains 84 servings. There were 12 people at the party counting Rob and I. We returned the keg about a quarter full. Next time everyone will be required to consume their seven servings each.

We’ve postponed our house search until the spring. Our apartment lease is up then and it was going to cost us $600 just to get out of the lease early. We now know all the expenses we need to be prepared for and the neighborhood we want to buy in. We ended up withdrawing an offer we’d put in on a really cute four bedroom, two bath, seven closet house that I REALLY wanted. I try not the think about it. But seven closets? I was going to have one that was just for purses. Sigh.

I’m sharing two interesting articles today. I can’t seem to get enough of the Scott Peterson case, like the rest of the country it seems. And I don’t want to be too judgmental, because I know Amber Frey is not the criminal in this case. But what single mom gives the key to her place and leaves her child alone with someone on the third date?

And now on a totally different topic. Cow Udder Doping Scandal Hits Australia. Maybe it’s time we stopped judging dairy cows on their appearance?

And I am compiling a list of the movies that make me sob the hardest. Why? Because I work for a high tech company in the silicon hills that can’t seem to keep a steady network connection. I get bored.

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