July 25, 2009

Book #50: Poppy Done to Death

Poppy Done to Death is the eighth book in Charlaine Harris' Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. This series is okay, though I still don't enjoy it quite as much as Harris' supernatural Sookie series.

Per usual, quiet librarian widow Aurora Teagarden, has bodies practically dropping at her feet with alarming regularity. How she hasn't been considered a murder suspect yet is simply amazing. This time around, it's her philandering sister-in-law Poppy. Roe and Poppy weren't especially close, but she feels obligated to find out who killed Poppy, while also protecting Poppy's privacy at the same time.

In the midst of all that, she's still navigating her love affair with famous writer Robin Crusoe, an unexpected visit from her teenage brother, and another unexpected surprise.

Not sure if this is officially the last Aurora book, but it had a definite air of finality about it.


Pam said...

I was wondering how that series matched up with the Sookie series.

Queen Kandis said...

Pam, I think I've finished reading all Charlaine Harris' stuff. The Aurora Teagarden series is okay, though the Sookie Stackhouse series is definitely more exciting. I think in second place is the Harper Connelly series, http://www.amazon.com/gp/series/92623/ref=pd_serl_books?ie=UTF8&edition=mass%5Fmarket

Pam said...

oh good! I just found the first two in the Harper series at the used bookstore just this week.