November 07, 2008

Arkansas and California

Rob and Nicole both posted about California and Arkansas choosing the day we elected America's first African-American president as the day that their states devolved and revoked basic human rights from their citizens.

California's Prop 8 passed and revoked the right for gays to marry. And in attempt to bar gays from adopting and with a total disregard for all of the children lingering in the foster care system, Arkanasas passed a ban to prohibit all unmarried cohabitating couples from fostering or adopting children.

Arkansas' ban reminded me of a story that's been in the news recently about a foster mother in Maryland. Renee D. Bowman was a foster mother to three young girls that she then adopted. On Sept. 27, her seven-year-old adopted daughter escaped from the house and begged assistance from a neighbor. When the police arrived, they found her to be suffering from extreme abuse and neglect and sought a search warrant for her adopted mother's house. In Renee Bowman's house, they found the murdered bodies of her other two adopted daughters in her freezer, where they'd been for at least seven months.

But at least Renee Bowman isn't gay.

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Brian said...

You know, that's right. If Renee had been gay, who knows what would have happened to those girls.

The Nation made such great progress with our President Elect, and yet started to repeat history with the approval of such measures as Prop 8 and others.

Next thing you know, they'll be trying to take my biological daughter away from me because I am gay. God forbid she love her gay dad and think he's awesome.