July 23, 2008

9 days until breaking Dawn

"Is it really better than if I was still in the dark?"

"Don't you think you ought to know how you feel- just so that it doesn't take you by surprise someday when it's too late and you're a married vampire?"

I shook my head. "No- I didn't mean better for me. I meant better for you. Does it make things better or worse for you, having me know that I'm in love with you? When it doesn't make a difference either way. Would it have been better, easier for you, if I never clued in?"

He took my question as seriously as I'd meant it, thinking carefully before he answered. "Yes, it's better to have you know," he finally decided. "If you hadn't figured it out... I'd have always wondered if your decision would have been different if you had. Now I know. I did everything I could." He dragged in an unsteady breath, and closed his eyes.


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